Reaching the Lost at CareNet

Molly came to CareNet, pregnant, young and scared. She already had one abortion in her past. Under enormous pressure from her boyfriend’s mother, who threatened to throw her out of their house, she had agreed to have an abortion. When she was evicted anyway, Molly became homeless, living in her car and supporting herself in any way possible. Now pregnant again, she was determined to have this baby. She came to CareNet for help. During her ultrasound, she began to cry at the sight of her baby’s heartbeat. Afterward, Molly and her CareNet counselor had an opportunity to discuss faith. Molly acknowledged that she believed in a power beyond herself, but nothing personal. As they dug deeper, Molly’s counselor shared the Gospel, which was totally new to Molly. Tears flowed as her counselor talked about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for her. With the help of her counselor, Molly realized that the love and acceptance she was searching for was available in Jesus. Despite her limited resources, with the help of CareNet, Molly is determined to give life to her baby. Thanks to you, our CareNet partners, for giving Molly the strength and courage to make this decision.