CareNet DuPage Counseling and Women’s Services

When a woman or couple experience an unplanned pregnancy, they face unexpected pressures that take an emotional toll.  CareNet DuPage provides many services to women in crisis, including counseling.  Emotional and spiritual support are critical as a woman faces real fears about telling her family or finding sufficient resources.  Please read more about our services, and how you can become involved in our organization.


CareNet counselors understand the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy, like pressure from family or friends to choose abortion, financial concerns, fear of the unknown, or medical difficulties. CareNet centers provide a calm and supportive environment, away from outside demands, so that women can process what they are facing.

Starting a family is challenging for most people, yet becomes far more difficult when unplanned and especially when compounded by financial or other needs. CareNet fills a unique role by providing pregnancy prevention counseling, as well as helping families in need to navigate the process of managing an unplanned pregnancy. Our counselors are experienced in meeting the unique needs of each woman,  encouraging her to choose life.

CareNet is a first step for families in an unplanned pregnancy, providing free counseling, limited medical services and parenting support through several area locations. CareNet works closely with many local social service agencies, ministries and medical providers, to ensure that women and families receive appropriate assistance. By serving families at a critical stage, in early pregnancy, we are uniquely positioned to identify needs and to provide or refer for meeting those needs.  CareNet also works with many churches to provide ongoing assistance through our baby bank and Connections programs.

Practical assistance empowers families. As a non-profit Christian organization, CareNet relies on volunteers and donations to provide critical help in DuPage County Illinois.  To read more about CareNet’s resources and how you can help, explore our website.