Congressional Commission Hears Testimony on Human Rights Violations of China’s One-Child Policy

In a recent Congressional hearing, Chinese activist and attorney Chen Guangcheng said that in the 35 years since China’s brutal one-child policy was enacted, hundreds of millions of babies have been killed. In 2005, Chen came to prominence after he began to investigate reports of forced abortions and sterilizations in villages in eastern China. Now Chen is a senior fellow at Catholic University of America and said the following at a hearing of the Congressional Executive Commission on China:
“Over the past 35 years, China has killed a total of 360 to 400 million young lives as a result of its inhumane and violent birth control policies. During a six-month period of 2005, more than 130,000 forced abortions and/or sterilizations took place in Linyi city alone. More than 600,000 family members suffered during this period.” He added, “This brutality and these crimes against women and their families have wrought irrevocable physical, spiritual and psychological harm.”
The chairman of the commission, Rep. Chris Smith, said that Congress passed a bill in 1999 to hold foreign governments accountable for human rights abuses like these. Rep. Smith said, “In his testimony, Chen absolutely gets it right. He calls China’s coercive population planning policies ‘genocide.’ He calls for an international tribunal to investigate these crimes against humanity and calls on the administration to enforce existing U.S. law and bar Chinese officials from coming to the U.S.”